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Sprinkles opened Thursday

Thursday, another cupcakery enters the fierce Georgetown market: Sprinkles. It’s the first foreign import to the market; it comes from California.

One of the few perks GM has running a website on Georgetown is that he occasionally gets invited to events around the neighborhood. Thus on Tuesday he stopped by a party at Sprinkles. (As part of the event, Sprinkles donated $25,000 to Babylove DC. Good on them.)

This gave GM a sneak preview at what this new store offers:


The cupcakes are more like Georgetown Cupcake than Baked and Wired in that they have a prim appearance. But they’re not quite the visual display that GC has. Also, the frosting on Sprinkles’ cupcakes is very sugary sweet, unlike Baked and Wired’s buttery frosting or GC’s cream cheese-infused frosting.

All in all, Sprinkles is fine, and maybe it’ll relieve some of the crowds at GC, but GM is probably going to stick with Baked and Wired for his sugar fix when out and about the neighborhood.

(One more thing: over the weekend there was a long line out the door at Sprinkles. It was some sort of a special preview, so hopefully it won’t happen again. But if they continue to have any sort of line out the door, that is really going to be a problem with our narrow sidewalks.)