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No rowboat required: Sequoia at Washington Harbour is open

Yes, they are OPEN. And you don't even need a rowboat to get there. Despite what you may have heard, Sequoia is OPEN for business, not just some of it, but all of it, including the outdoor patio. With Washington Harbour's only working fountain, you can enjoy the warm weather while you sip on delicious cocktails, watching the crewing on the Potomac and boats dock at the boardwalk. Stay awhile and sit under the stars as you dine.

Sequoia Restaurant
Sequoia Restaurant

The big news is that their executive chef, Darek Tidwell, and his culinary team are creating small miracles every day in the kitchen. He's got a new Spring/Summer menu. With some wonderful exciting new dishes on the menu like the Lobster Mac & Cheese and the Crispy Duck Breast, whatever you choose, your dining experience is sure to be memorable.

Don't miss out on the amazing Sunday brunches.Sequoia Restaurant

Sequoia is located at 3000 K Street at Washington Harbour. Tel. 202.944.4200