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GM updates "Aren’t They Building"

Up at the top of his page, you’ll see a link to a page that GM tries to keep relatively up to date: Aren’t They Building…

GM doesn’t always do a great job keeping it right up to date, so he occasionally has to clean it up. Like today. So with that, here’s are some changes:

What GM had:

Serendipity 3 -No announced date -GM prediction: Summer 2010Fall 2010

What’s new:

Obviously they didn’t hit the fall 2010 mark. In GM’s defense, there’s been about zero reliable information about this project and it seems like it’s plagued with delays.

What GM had:

Sprinkles Cupcakes -No announced date -GM prediction: February 11???

What’s new:

Like Serendipity 3, this one is taking a bit longer than GM thought. They seemed to get hung up for a while and only really got going with construction in late fall. They now say they’ll be open in February.

What GM had:

Paul Bakery -November 2010

What’s New:

Another project that seems to be moving at a glacial pace. There’s an architect’s sign on the building now, so maybe we’ll start seeing progress soon.

Some New Projects to Add:


No word about when this will open, so GM will just throw out a wild guess: June 2011.

Calvin Klein Underwear:

They’re still in design review and have proposed some dramatic changes (it’s the building that was the Body Shop). So GM is guessing fall 2011 at the earliest.

All Saints:

They’re going in where Club Monaco was. They are also under design review, but they don’t seem to be proposing as dramatic a change as Calvin Klein (it will look really different–with sewing machines in all the windows–but structurally it’s all pretty much the same). So GM will say August 2011.

Boutique Hotel on 31st St.:

This one has been on the drawing board for a while, and GM should have already added it. According to recent word, it is looking like it won’t be done until late 2012.

Anything GM missed?