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Georgetown’s Milano – you can always count on megawatt celebrities

"Café Milano is like being in the front row of your favorite show. The action is great; everybody acts like it’s opening night,” said Tammy Haddad, longtime doyenne of the District’s media-politics scene. “After the 2008 election a bunch of reporters, along with some smart Democratic and Republican campaign veterans, had a 5 hour lunch there discussing the returns,” she said recalling some of her favorite Milano moments. “It was very liquid, very loud and I still have the video interviews from the last hour....... so be nice to me!” “Bloomberg had a dinner there during the White House Correspondents weekend for Captain Richard Phillips who had been held hostage at gunpoint by Somali pirates,” she continued. “When he went over to meet the great leading men Jon Hamm and Bradley Cooper, they were more excited about meeting this real life hero. That’s what we call a Café Milano moment.” Last week she held court with Hilary Rosen in the front patio where Senator John Kerry had dined a few night before and as fate would have it, Hangover star Cooper was again dining inside with Academy Award winner Renee Zellweger. “I always have the carpaccio with arugula and Parmesan cheese ... the best anywhere,” said TV journalist and author Janet Langhart. “I love dining at Cafe Milano for so many reasons, but most of all, the ambience always makes me feel as though I'm somewhere

Tony Powell
Tony Powell

in beautiful Italy.” Langhart’s husband Bill Cohen, former Representative from Maine and Secretary of Defense, just celebrated his birthday there with friends. “I love to people watch and always see someone I've met on my international travels; an ambassador, polo player, movie star, mogul, best-selling author, people from all over the world go there. We’ve been the guests of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Quincy Jones, Morgan Freeman, Bob Johnson, Jim Hoagland and Jane Hitchcock, Rima Al-Sabah and Ann Hand.” In charge of the nightly parade is manager Laurent Menoud. “Despite the fact of having open table, I like to work the old fashion way, a floor chart and a pencil between juggling phone calls and using my mental rolodex,” he told The Dish. Take a look inside Menoud’s Milano moments: