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A few Celebrity addresses in Georgetown

Here are some addresses of well known Georgetowners:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (JBK) were two of Georgetown's most famous residents.

3321 Dent, JFK and JBK Jan – June 1954 *

Courtesy Felicia Stidham
Courtesy Felicia Stidham

2706 Olive, Julia Child 3014 N, Robert Todd Lincoln 3017 N, Jackie Kennedy, purchased 1964, then moved to NYC for privacy 3038 N, Averell and Pamela Harriman, JBK after the assassination 1963 3260 N, JFK, 1951 3307 N, JFK and JBK as President-elect 1961 - it was from this house that he went to The Innauguration and then to The White House 3321 N, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kennedy c 1956 3325 N, Ben Bradlee c 1956 2808 P, JFK and JBK moved from Hickory Hill, Jan – May 1957 3271 P, JFK and JBK as newlyweds, he was a new senator 2920 R, Kay Graham 1528 31st, JFK, as a bachelor congressman 1947-48 1400 34th, JFK with his sister Eunice 1949-1950 1405 34th, Evangeline and David Bruce

* JFK had seven addresses in Georgetown from the late 50′s to 1960