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Thirty Years Ago GU Students Were Just As Good At Ruining Their Lives

The police arrived before the sun was fully up. They took several Georgetown University students under custody on drug related charges. The campus was shocked to hear the news. By noon it was clear the arrested students’ lives were changed forever.

This could describe what happened last Saturday, but in this case GM is talking about slightly earlier events. Thirty years earlier.

At 4:30 AM April 30, 1980, the police raided a home at 1401 Foxhall Rd., which housed a group of Georgetown students. Along with other raids, the cops arrested 8 GU students and 10 other individuals for the sale of cocaine and LSD. Along with the arrests they seized a pound and a half of cocaine and 30 tabs of LSD.

The arrests came after a nine-month-long investigation by an undercover detective who, according the Post, “infiltrated the student drug scene.” The detective set up shop in the old Pub in the Healy Hall basement. He made contacts with the students who were ultimately arrested and supposedly spent hundreds of dollars purchasing LSD during drug stings on Prospect St., Foxhall and Connecticut Ave.

Like last Saturday’s bust, the students involved had a lot to lose. One had a scholarship to attend Oxford’s Center for Management Studies that summer. Another was a National Merit Scholar. They came from wealthy families on Fifth Ave. and Fairfield County, CT, among other places.

On top of the GU students, the cops arrested a couple GWU and AU students, a 26-year-old computer analyst, a 35-year-old theater stagehand, and a couple of employees of the Georgetown Hospital.

If there’s any consolation for the arrestees last Saturday, according to GU records, the Oxford and National Merit scholars both ended up eventually graduating from GU. So perhaps their lives weren’t totally ruined, although on the evening of April 30th, 1980 they’d be forgiven in believing it to be the case.