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Avon Place Transformed

Three new Georgetown residences designed by Christian Zapatka.

Creating an entirely new space that responds to contemporary living is a special challenge when the context is Georgetown. At 1665, 1667 and 1669 Avon Place NW, in the hands of distinguished architect Christian Zapatka and development company Dilan Homes, these three residences offer a fresh approach which does not yield to historical revivalism.

Carlo Russo
1665 Avon Place NW  Photo by Carlo Russo

Myriad elements must be considered when devising an environment that is responsive to daily life while conveying a sense of harmony. Restrictions within the urban landscape multiply these challenges so that the new buildings will be consonant with the fabric of the neighborhood. Every challenge has been met; every expectation exceeded.

An entirely unique idiom is expressed where the relationship between the new and the old speak to each other in a respectful way. This collaboration between talented architect and renown builder produced the finest new homes in the city. These residences are a testament to the expertise of Dilan Homes and the carefully measured contributions of its participants. The details and overall composition harmonize in a way that is seldom encountered.

1667 Avon Place NW
1667 Avon Place NW  Photo by Carlo Russo

Each residence offers exquisitely designed and beautifully created tile from Architessa, sumptuous finishes and lighting, and handsome gardens by Bell Design, Inc.

The collaboration was further enhanced by Welsh Interiors, which presented the space to assist in imagining how the environment might be experienced.

1669 Avon Place NW
1669 Avon Place NW  Photo by Carlo Russo

For more information, contact:
P: 202.271.3132
P: 202.710.6585

Carlo Russo
1665, 1667, 1669 Avon Place NW  Photo by Carlo Russo