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Real Estate 101 With Georgina - Staging

Aside from choosing the right agent, staging is an integral part of selling your home.  

Here are just a few tips to get the best out of staging:

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions are very important.  If you have a messy exterior the home buyer may have low expectations on the interior.   Don't let a simple drive-by result in a buyer looking elsewhere.

- Mow the lawn 
- Cut back overgrown bushes and trees 
- Repaint or stain a worn deck or porch floor
- Repair broken shutters, etc
- Power Wash 
- Get some seasonal plant for color 
- Make the front door inviting (new door mat, colorful door wreath).

2. Cleaning & Updates

Depending on your budget, updating the bathrooms and/or kitchen are always helpful.  If not in the budget, simply follow the steps below to maintain the cleanliness of your home during the time the home is on the market.  This can have challenges when you have children or work from home, but remember it will only be for a short period of time.  If you have pets, steam clean carpets and make sure litter boxes are frequently cleaned.  Use natural air fresheners to eliminate odor (such as Enviroscent plug-ins). Do not use overpowering scents. 

- Remove pots and pans from the sink daily
- Remove refrigerator magnets 
- Clear the countertops
-Clean out the pantry


-Clear the countertops 
- Remove 1/2 used bars of soap and bottles from the shower, etc. 
- Invest in a new set of towels and have them ready when you have buyers coming through. 
- Remove toilet plungers, etc.

-Make the beds daily 
- Have matching bed-sets 
- Remove personal items

3. Rearrange Furniture & Stay Neutral 
If you are not having a full staging make-over then a simple rearranging of furniture can be effective.  Larger items may need to be removed to create a more airy feel to the space.  
Your agent will know what is best from a staging perspective, so ask the questions and let them help you.

-GO NEUTRAL!  Applying a neutral color paint will go a long way. 
- Use pillows and other accents for a pop of color.

4. Declutter 

Don't stuff everything in the closets!  If you have loft or garage space try placing your items in plastic storage containers for the duration of the sale.  If you don't have the extra space, rent a storage unit.  This is also a good time to downsize and get rid of the things you will not need at the new house.   Plus having a good portion of things already packed away helps when preparing for moving day. 

Bottom Line: 
Making your home attractive to buyers is crucial.  
You may need to allow buyers access even when the timing isn't convenient. 

Keep your  home clean and tidy so potential buyers can tour without distraction. The more people who tour the home, the more likely you are to receive an offer. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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