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'Zero Days'

“I think it’s probably best not to think about it,” filmmaker Alex Gibney told Hollywood on the Potomac at the premiere screening of Zero Days at the Newseum in reference to a question we posed regarding his safety following a report by The Hollywood Reporter on protecting filmmakers and stars on The Red Carpet. “That’s the way to get through it. If you worry too much it can cripple you.” Gibney has fearlessly tackled such subject matters as The Church of Scientology in Going Clear; We Steal Secrets about Julian Assange & Wikileaks; Enron and Taxi to the Dark Side (winner of the 2007 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature), among them and all high risk. On taking chances he formerly told CBS: “There was something about my father, my mother, and then my stepfather; I think they all ruddered against authority in their own peculiar ways. And that probably rubbed off on me, too.” Zero Days was the feature at AFI DOCS 2016 Opening Night Gala and opens nationwide on July 8th in theaters and on iTunes.