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Young Concert Artists

"Yoko and I are delighted to welcome you. Since we are new here, I was thinking—what should you know about us? The important thing is this: WE LOVE MUSIC,” said Shinsuke Sugiyama, The Ambassador of Japan, who hosted a Gala Evening to benefit Young Concert Artists of Washington at his residence along with his wife Yoko. “Our son started playing piano at age 3 and is a very good pianist. He still practices—even with four children. Our daughter also started playing piano when she was three. She was very good, but what’s interesting is that her happiness migrated toward color rather than sound, so she is a fashion designer in New York. Yoko says that I’m just being a proud father…but I honestly believe that both our kids have perfect pitch. Yoko herself loves opera…but we argue because I loved it before she did, so I think I love it more.”