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You had me at 3G

It would have been decades earlier if you hadn’t introduced iMac in translucent Mondi blue. With a color palette that extends all the way from anthracite to Audi Nimbus grey, I naturally gravitated to the 1992 Richard Sapper-designed matte black IBM ThinkPad with the red dot. It’s Lenovo now and I’m on my third, feeling pretty much the way you always have about Microsoft products. No Genius Bar in sight for us.


I was delighted you agree that MobileMe was awful and thrilled that after all these years you still love Bob Dylan, that is, up through Blood on the Tracks, and of course, Modern Times.

And those French knives with the glue between the blade and handle. Seamless integration is my mantra too. Before there was email and operating systems, I would always proudly proclaim, “I don’t type and I don’t do windows.”

With you, everything is personal. I learned that from Walter Isaacson. But it comes with the territory. You know how everyone feels, what they want, and exactly how the stuff should look. No tampering with perfection, please.

While I was teaching myself to type so I could enter the World Wide Web through Mosaic, you were busy creating my iPlanet, a magical place with no paper, no middlemen, no stylus, no add-ons. Best of all, you imbued my minimalist’s paradise with the wisdom of a Zen master, the aesthetics of a Bauhaus engineer, and the joy of a hippie on LSD.

When Siri appears, I look straight into her (his if you live in the U.K.) black iPhone 4S eyes and say, “Thank you, steven p. jobs.”