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Yogurt's Vast Array of Health Benefits

Yogurt has long been considered a healthy option, as it’s packed with protein, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients. It’s also a great way to get probiotics, which improve digestive health and a vast array of health conditions.

Yogurt consumption has been shown to improve bone health (eating yogurt lead to better bone mineral density) and cardiovascular health (yogurt-eaters were 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure), lower one’s risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, and be a useful tool in weight management.

Many of these benefits come from probiotics found in yogurt, which offer amazing health benefits. Evidence shows that probiotics could help prevent Type 2 diabetes by preventing insulin resistance and making it easier for you to burn body fat. But probiotic benefits may go beyond that. Some studies have shown that probiotics led to improvements in immune functions in HIV-infected patients.

The research is clear: yogurt is a great addition to any diet, particularly if you want to improve your immune system and its healing powers, bone, heart, gastrointestinal health or improve your weight. Pick some up today! I believe any kind will do... just be sure to eat one to two cups daily.