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Winslows and Burlings Celebrate at Cheeca Lodge

When way back in 1984, I couldn't face our large and loving family descending on us here in Georgetown for the Christmas holidays, we chose instead a lovely spot on the Florida Keys, Cheeca Lodge. There my clan flew to Miami, with a short drive down to warm weather, swimming pools, tennis courts, some golf, or fishing and togetherness. This was such a beautiful and child-friendly place, no high-rises, mostly just cottages scattered over about 20 acres of ocean front, that we kept returning about twenty times there on alternate years. As I am now a widow, 95 years old, this was a great fling, though I was a little scared that I couldn't handle the travel. But it was a warm 75, sunny and lovely for our five days there -- although the weather went crazy on Sunday as we left. But we had a wonderful happy re-union, with four great grandchildren under five, on to many teenager great grandchildren plus "children" in their fifties and sixties, all delighting this 95-year-old. From Chile and California and Boston, and more, they all bonded as dear friends as well as part of a blended family of Winslows and Burlings. How grateful I am for their love, and my good fortune. -- Frida Burling