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Who is ABRA?

The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) regulates alcohol in the District, including issuing licenses and governing external effects related to alcohol sales. It is governed by a seven-member mayor-appointed, council-confirmed board. It current members, appointed by Mayor Adrian Fenty, are: Charles Brodsky, ChairWith 20 years experience as a business owner, corporate executive, successful local entrepreneur and law school graduate, Brodsky was close to Mayor Adrian Fenty and is an owner of the Nation’s Triathlon and the D.C. Triathalon, which has raised confict of interest questions. From Ward 1, his term ends May 7, 2012. Herman O. JonesA Gonzaga graduate and holder of business and engineering graduate degrees from Howard University, he has been a program manager for Boeing since 1997. From Ward 8, his term ends May 7, 2011. Nicholas S. AlbertiAn Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, he is a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Census Bureau as a research statistician. He is from Ward 6 -- his term ends May 7, 2011. Mital GhandiA small business owner, Republican Fenty fundraiser, and former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, his controversial nomination by Mayor Fenty to serve on the Board of Elections and Ethics was rejected by the Council. From Ward 3, his term expires on May 7, 2011. Donald C. BrooksA hospital administrator, he retired after 32 years with the D.C. Government in various positions from the Office of the Mayor to St. Elizabeth's Hospital. From Ward 1, his term expires May 7, 2011. Calvin NophlinA former UDC administrator and D.C. Council staff member, he has also served on the WMATA Board. From Ward 7, his term expires May 7, 2012. Mike SilversteinRecently retired from a career as a radio and TV reporter, producer, host anchor and announcer most recently for ABC News, he is now a Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. His term expires May 7, 2011.