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About those white sneakers.

I recently had a heated, well maybe heated is too strong a word. Lively? Definitely a spirited discussion with a dear friend about the prevalence, dare I say infestation of and obsession with white sneakers. They. Are. Everywhere.

I was enjoying a glass of reisling and calamari at Kafe Leopold the other day and snapped seven photos of passersby wearing the de rigueur footwear in less than three minutes.

I get the comfortable flat shoe craze. The it’s ok to wear combat boots to a party, basketball shoes are really cool and Dior-adorned Birkenstocks are amazing trends. I understand that it’s happening but I don’t much like it.

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Ok, I know this dates me but I miss the time when pro tennis players were the only ones who felt the need to wear all white sneakers. And when white Keds with the blue rubber heel logo were cool for teens.

Now, celebrities tell us which brand of overpriced white canvas shoes are the right ones for this season. Check back in three months for an update.

Fine, if you're wearing white pants, a cute tennis skirt or invited on Jeff Bezos' superyacht. But that's it!