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Wells Vows to Keep MLK Library Open on Sundays

Councilmember Tommy Wells has taken up the popular cause of keeping the downtown Martin Luther King Library open on Sundays, telling the Board of Library Trustees on Wednesday that he “will do everything in my power to get the $320,000 needed.” The Ward 6 councilmember dropped by unannounced at the regular Trustees meeting at the new Deanwood Library in northeast.

Marcia Carter of the Friends of the Georgetown Library is delighted: “Closing MLK on Sundays would be tragic -- not only for its effect on the general public -- but because of the many special needs students who rely on services available only at MLK.”

She was joined Ward 6 resident Wendy Blair, President of the Literary Friends of the DC Public Library. “How encouraging that the new chair of the Library Committee is standing up so forcefully for the Library,” she said. The second term councilmember recently became the new head of the committee that oversees the DC Public Library as well as Department of Parks and Recreation and the Office of Planning.

Without the money, the closing is to start October 1st.