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Welcome to Washington

Ambassador Esther Coopersmith hosted a dinner in honor of the new Ambassador of Ireland to the US.

The latest from Hollywood on the Potomac by Janet Donovan

“I’m just happy you are all here and hope that you will come again,” said Ambassador Esther Coopersmith who hosted a dinner in honor of T.H. Geraldine Bryne Nason, the new Ambassador of Ireland to the US.

“When I was in college we used to quote an American comedian who said, ‘I’m reminiscing with friends I’ve just met.’ And that’s what I feel this evening is like that I really feel that I can reminisce with people, literally, I’ve just met. On the other hand, I know that it’s a nice night where I can take hope that there’s a promise of great things to come in the relationships with all of you,” said Amb. Bryne Nason.

Ambassador Coopersmith is known as the Grand Dame of Washington and this bio from UNESCO tells us why.”She was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in September 2009, in light of her outstanding contribution to strengthening mutual understanding between peoples and her unfailing commitment to fostering intercultural dialogue. Very dedicated to the United Nations’ values, Esther Coopersmith was US representative to the United Nations (1979 – 1980), U.S. Delegate to the World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women in Nairobi (Kenya) in 1985, advisor to the State Department for the UN Status of Women Commission (1981 – 1993) and US Observer to UNESCO (1999 – 2000). In 1984, she became the second woman to receive the United Nations Peace Prize, a reward for her unerring efforts to foster dialogue and understanding between different cultures and faiths, especially in the Middle East.” She has hosted Presidents and foreign dignitaries for decades from President Jimmy Carter to Anwar Sadat.  She is one of the Capitol’s most relevant power brokers who operates successfully on the periphery of typical networking by hosting parties with eclectic guests – so there’s that.

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