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Welcome to the Hood!

Written by guest contributor Toby McCarroll

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, H.E. Dirk Wouters and Mrs. Katrin Wouters hosted a welcome to the neighborhood party for the new American University President Sylvia Mathews Burwell at their Foxhall Road residence.

Ambassador Wouters ga ve opening remarks discussing the mysteries behind the location of Universities, questioning why the oldest University in the world is in Moroco, and why one of the youngest is in The Bahamas. Referring to the placement of American University however, the Ambassador said, “like my own country, this neighborhood is small, but so great.”

President Burwell thanked Ambassaor Wouters for his welcome and shared her excitement starting as the new President of the University. With less than a month under her belt in her new role, the President joked that the responsibility was like “drinking water from a fire hydrant,” but added “with lovely people.”