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Welcome to Fall at Cafe Milano

Janet Donovan and Intevity host a Georgetown reception.

Not all nights at Cafe Mlano are the same. “The Welcome to Fall” cocktail reception hosted by CEO Ben Elmore and VP Mark T. Smith of Intevity along with Janet Donovan treated guests to a night in St. Tropez as DJ Seyhan worked a playlist straight out the European hot spot. 

Angie, Christiano, Raymone, Janet, Adean
Angie Gates (head of DC Film Office), Christiano Terry (CEO NLitemedia), Raymone Bain (entertainment lawyer repped Michael Jackson), Rita Lewis (Marketing and Community Engagement specialist Mayor's office of Creative Affairs), Adean King (Executive Producer Armstrong William Show) with Janet Donovan   Photo by Brendan Kownacki

Elmore welcomed guests and mentioned two memorable occasions: the upcoming marriage of Kelsey Valentine, daughter of Coach Kathy Kemper and the upcoming movie of author Larry Leamer’s best-selling book Capote’s Women to the big screen.

Larry Leamer and Sheila Widenfeld
Larry Leamer and Sheila Widenfeld  Photo by Brendan Kownacki
 Emily Goodin, Bill Press, Howard Mortman, Kevin Cirilli
 Emily Goodin, Bill Press, Howard Mortman, Kevin Cirilli  Photo by Brendan Kownacki