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Week Three Health Tips

Last week in our weekly health tips, we talked about the importance of eating breakfast every morning. This goes along with a larger theme that needs addressing- learning how to set boundaries.

For many of us (myself included), making excuses becomes almost a habit, especially when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. The “I can totally eat this cupcake because I plan on working out today” excuse is one I recycle often, as is the “I absolutely can’t workout today…I forgot to charge my iPod so I can’t listen to music and won’t be able to get anything productive done at the gym without some tunes,” excuse.

When it comes to health, we need to learn how to step up our game a little bit and start prioritizing.

As I said last week, breakfast has the ability to change the entire outlook of your day. So instead of sleeping an extra ten minutes, set your alarm clock just a little earlier every morning so you can prioritize breakfast. Once you start allowing yourself to place importance on waking up early and eating, it will be easier to fall into a routine.

If you hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time for working out today,” start looking at how you can make time. Block out 30 minutes to an hour after work everyday in your planner dedicated to doing something physical. Cross it out, color it in, do whatever you need to do to remind yourself that this chunk of time is for exercise. Also, start bringing your gym clothes to work. Once you see that gym bag next to your desk all day, it will be harder for you to turn it down.

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