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Wearin' of the Green in The District ... and for Once, We're Not Talkin' The Color of Money

A top woman vote getter in the election to represent the District of Columbia at President Obama’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. , Susan Meehan, and her husband, Bob, held their annual St. Patrick’s Day party Sunday at their Dupont Circle neighborhood home. Lots of creative folks dropped by to read poetry, argue statehood and listen to Irish songs.

Meehan, a supporter of Obama from the last presidential election, collected ample votes to be among D.C.’s contingent of convention delegates. She ran in the delegate district that includes Georgetown. She is a strong advocate of DC statehood, and plans to make that known at the convention, as will other local delegates.

Meehan was graduated from Wellesley College (as was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), and has been a human rights activist for a number of years.

A poet and blogger, Meehan read her poem “On Knowing The Current Darling,” which refers to her popularity when an old friend who once had no fame comes into the spotlight.

“Now your face is on every screen and your words articulate our beliefs. Contenders for public office proudly wield your opinions as their implements of war…People come to me for favors of introduction, desiring to share in celebrity’s hierarchy, and, so, remembering your generosity, I take pleasure in giving them the speckled help they seek…. But you have moved on, rushed onto today’s breaking news, guarded by roughs paid to fend off those whose claim is old and not-for-profit, unmindful that strobe-lit fame may fade.”

The generally politically astute audience applauded that wisdom.