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We Write the Songs

ASCAP Foundation President Paul Williams is still really kicking it. “You know what? I’m healthier and more excited by the music and the advocacy work that we do than ever before,” songwriter Williams told Hollywood on the Potomac at the 11th annual “We Write the Songs” event at the historic Coolidge Auditorium in The Library of Congress in Washington, DC – a celebration of American songwriting – jointly hosted by Susan H. Vita, Chief of the Library of Congress Music Division.


“First of all,” Williams explained, “following the MMA (Music Modernization Act), the fact is that we saw both sides of the aisle come together unanimously in both the House and Senate to make sure that the adjustments were made and things would be better for the music creator. I mean, it’s just as good as it gets. The hair on the back of my neck goes up. I have to tell you that it’s such a privilege to come here and do this work with 700,000 members of ASCAP now, and when I won the Oscar with Barbra, Forever Green, there was a full page ad in writing that said: ‘The ASCAPs 28,000 writers congratulate you.’ Now we’re up to 700,000 and it’s remarkable. You know? It’s just remarkable.”