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We Want to Know

The latest musings, obsessions, sightings and speculations about the famous and infamous from Georgetown to Capitol Hill to Wall Street to Hollywood and wherever ... If you just want to know, no explanations needed, this is the site for you. (White House resignations by the end of the year? Who?) It’s ok to have an insatiable appetite for the details of the lives of the famous. (Is Tiger Woods’ mistress #1 the madam for the rest?) You no longer need to hide your computer screen at the office when reading Perez Hilton or TMZ, because you have us. We share a love of the narrative – the lives of celebrities of all sorts – political, Hollywood, sports figures, corporate executives. No need to explain your curiosity about the motivations for the sins and downfall of the famous (What drove Tiger Woods to self-destruct over sex?) We’ll give you endless material for debate as well as an excuse to ignore your own faults and weaknesses. Pause a moment, escape our own relatively monotonous, normal life and consider why Tareq Salahi would argue in court over turning over a fake Patek Philippe watch? So, if you are one of us – the gossip crew who email each other 24/7/365 with updates distilled from website ranging from the British rags to TMZ – this column will be a place where we can share our on-line sleuthing of the famous. “We Want To Know” will pose questions that are nagging us. With comments and insights from readers, we can get answers, guess motivations and hopefully find some nuggets of original sources. Please jump in with your comments, insights and, if we are lucky, your knowledge of the answers. To start off the column: We Want to Know for December 16: 1. Why doesn’t Tiger Woods have a publicist speaking for him and taking press calls? 2. Tiger Woods has been womanizing since before his marriage and before his father’s death (negating both those explanations for his behavior), so why is he so sex-crazed? 3. The Salahis have been scamming for years, who is the brains behind their escapades? Or have they just been lucky to have gotten along this far without getting caught? 4. Now that Jenny Sanford (our heroine!) has filed for divorce from Mark Sanford on ground of adultery, will his Argentinean mistress Maria Belen Chapur move into the governor’s mansion? 5. Rielle Hunter pushed for too much money in child support and John Edwards pulled the plug on the house and money offer. So will she stay living in Elizabeth Edwards neighborhood or move back to LA? Please send me your tips, cell phone photos of the famous/infamous or your questions to: and follow me on Twitter @EmilyMillerDC.