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Want to Live Younger, Longer and Better? 

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Today's food differs dramatically from what our parents and grandparents ate. Modern farming and manufacturing practices have changed the nutritional value of food, and science has made it possible to make things with no nutritional value addictive and delicious.

Every day we face eating choices and dilemmas.

There is no getting around the fact that you have to eat to live. But to truly live well, you need to eat well. Complicating the simple act of eating well is that there has never been a time in history with a more confusing and chemically altered landscape of food and information. It can be overwhelming to sort through the marketing, pharmaceutical, and diet hype coming at you 24/7. All this misinformation is overwhelming and makes healthy choices confusing.

I am not here to battle agri-business, Big Pharma, or the processed food industry. But instead, to empower you with ways to navigate the minefield of culinary liabilities and take control of your wellness destiny.

Common sense and professional experience coaching thousands of women to resilient wellness have led me to find simple solutions to the complicated problem of 21st-century eating. Intentional eating is the most important thing we can do to protect our health today and invest in future wellness.

Kristen Coffield
Photo by Kristen Coffield

To quote Benjamin Franklin. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here are three of my favorite tips to help you to live younger, longer and better. Each of these tips supports your body by dialing down dangerous low-level inflammation linked to accelerated aging, often called inflammaging.

!. Drink more filtered water boosted with electrolyte drops. Optimal hydration using electrolytes may help slow down the aging process. Electrolytes improve hydration on a cellular level. Water is life.

2. Avoid artificial ingredients because your life depends on it. Chemicals are NOT food and do a one-two punch of disrupting the gut microbiome and causing inflammation. If you can't identify it as food, DO NOT EAT IT! That includes artificial sweeteners, stevia, and monk fruit!

3. Create more healthy cells by fasting. Fasting signals the body to metabolically switch from utilizing glucose for energy to using fatty-acid-derived ketones for energy, forcing your cells to repair and heal.

Visit The Culinary Cure for information about creating an effective hydration practice and learn how my customized coaching programs help motivated humans incorporate fasting into a plan for living younger, longer and better.