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Viva España! Muy Caliente are the Victors

The only thing hotter than being in Washington on Sunday was being at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain and Mrs. Dezcallar where it went from hot to MUY CALIENTE when Spain won its first World Cup by defeating the Netherlands 1-0 in overtime. From across the pond, these emails: "This place is going off! The Bernabeu, the Castellana, Madrid, Sevilla, Badajoz. What a time to be in Spain. The roads are full of hundreds of thousands. In red and yellow. Proud to add a star to their shirts. Viva España!!!! (Philip Botana, former WIS student) "Because Spain has never done well in the World Cup (the best was 4th place in 1950), and because it lost the first game against Switzerland, qualifying for the Final has been a major excitement which has made people forget the economic and political crisis. The Spanish flag, the symbol of the team can be seen everywhere in windows, cars and passersby." (Diego Hidalgo, Chr. of the Board, El Pais)

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