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Vintage By Design

You probably know this designer's dazzling behind-the-scenes work from the annual Washington Winter Show and Washington Mardi Gras. Jonathan G. Willen's new company, Vintage Affairs, Vintage By Design, LLC, gives clients a chance to showcase their personal style, whether it's for a bridal shower, wedding, corporate event or celebratory dinner.

"Tradition and generational history are often important parts in telling their story," explains Willen. "I often encourage folks to find pieces within their family heirlooms that can be worked into tables capes or furniture pieces that can be worked into the atmosphere of events.

The story starts with the invite and ends with the thank you note is Willen's approach. This event planner extraordinaire was looking for an opportunity to be more creative and have a fun set of furniture, props and china that he could incorporate into everyday events when he first discovered Vintage Affairs.


"I fell in love with the farm tables, the 100-200-year-old barnwood distressed naturally and reclaimed by our craftsmen just lend themselves to both wild fields and five-star hotel ballrooms. They can play against vintage or modern furniture, they're versatile, and their beauty speaks volumes. I often ponder what stories the wood could tell us having stood somewhere for 200 years."


With inspiration coming from everywhere, Willen often sees something sitting on the side of the road, perhaps an old settee or a pair of shutters and knows exactly how best to reuse them.


Modern mixed with vintage is his mantra. And elegance is a must in every detail. Lush tables where guests catch scent of the floral arrangement, the aroma of the meal, and hear the music playing. All senses addressed with visaul delights carefully positioned from every angle of the room. "Always leave them (the guests) wanting more," adds Willen.


Plan a visit to Vintage Affairs showroom and check out their great finds here.