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Verroneau Live at Blues Alley Sept. 12

International acoustic quartet Verroneau will be performing at Blues Alley on September 12, 2016

A delicious blend of bossa nova, jazz, samba and swing performed in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, their CD releases, Joie de Vivre – Joy of Living, and Jazz Samba Project, both rose high in the US radio jazz and world music charts, earning rave reviews. Jazz Samba Project entered national and regional jazz top 10 charts in dozens of cities from Toronto to New Orleans and has gone on to inspire a music festival, documentary movie and stage play, all featuring the band.

Based in Washington DC, Veronneau have attracted capacity crowds to venues such as the Kennedy Center, Strathmore, and Blues Alley. Featuring musicians from Canada, UK and USA, Veronneau's international tours, radio and internet airplay have won them world-wide fans.

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Blues Alley is located at 1073 Wisconsin avenue in Georgetown.