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Unmasking Washington!

No one expected Kate and Wills to show up in Washington so soon after her sister “Pippa” Middleton’s nuptials, but they did – May 24th to be exact. It’s hard to resist any invitation from Gérard Araud, the Ambassador of France, let alone a blow out uber champagne party at the residence to say farewell after years of keeping Washingtonians very happy. Araud also served as France’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and was previously posted in DC.

“I’ve been told I have to be brief, to be light and I shouldn’t cry,” Araud told a crowd of about 400 who by the time he hit the podium were on their 3rd glass of bubbly – make that four. “Let’s say that it’s au revoir for me, which means that we will meet again and maybe we meet again in three weeks or three months, but I’m sure that we’ll meet again. I have spent in all, eight years in this country. As you’ve noticed, I didn’t get rid of my accent and actually, when I was much younger, – a long time ago, – I spent four years in Washington, DC. So in a sense, I have been getting used to this … and so now that I know you so well, I really have the impression that I have to stay with you.” Everyone would second that and after the election of President Emmanuel Macron we are hoping there might be a chance of cancelling the recall.