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Tune Out and Turn On

I’m inspired as of late. I’m finding crazy/wonderous/beautiful things everywhere I look. It’s like I’ve snapped out of a foggy stupor. I haven’t discovered a new vitamin or taken up Buddhism, but I have made a committed effort to unplug from the oversaturated and under-inspired world of regurgitated design. It’s become pretty obvious lately that most of what’s online, in the magazines and in the stores is the same recycled concept over and over again – i.e., a random mix of genres with the ubiquitous pop of color, pseudo-ethnic pillows and obligatory mid-century focal piece. Bleh, enough! In this day and age it seems that the internet has become our main source of inspiration - I think that may actually be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse – and everyone is plugged into the same circuit. So as one who is not only guilty of this crime, but who champions the cause (yes, I realize as an online lifestyle writer and blogger I am the pot calling the kettle black), I say turn off your smartphone, log off Facebook, ignore this week’s blog feed and look around you. There is beauty in the world!

IMG_4577 IMG_7012 IMG_2673

Copy of IMG_5627 IMG_8765 IMG_6085

DSCN2469 DSCN2717 Copy of IMG00118-20101006-1340

Copy of IMG_8646 Copy of PA210037 IMG_2641

Copy of Anthropologie display DSCN2379 IMG_6916

Tricia xo