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Tricia's 10: UHOF

My mother always told me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Does that maternal wisdom apply to blogs? It probably should, but I just can’t help myself. We have a folder in the Huntley & Co. files labeled “UHOF”. The [yoo-hawf] folder contains images of designs we find to be, ahem, aesthetically challenging. I’ll admit it’s a little snarky. What can I say - my staff and I simply believe it’s irresponsible not to document design work that dares to go beyond good taste to, um well, the …

- Ugly Hall of Fame -


1. Hollywood Mcmansion - Columns do not a mansion make!

80s bed

2. 80s Bedroom - Even the decade of decadence can’t excuse this decor.

bull chair

3. One-of-a-Kind Stag Chair - Perfect if your house is on the island of Dr. Moreau.


4. Celine Dion Wedding Attire - “I said more crystals!”

Touch of Class

5. Satin Bedroom Ensemble - The love child of Paris Hilton and cotton candy.

clown sculpture

6. Dutch Sculpture, 1972 - Terrifying, yet sold for 13,000 EUR at auction.

remote control TV stand

7. Flatscreen TV Lift - Only in America.


8. DC Dressing Room - The ceiling from hell.

pink birds

9. Shower Tile Mural - Who needs coffee when your morning starts with this?


10. Album Cover - Career killer, web favorite and my new screensaver.

If any of the above comments offend you, lighten up. If you can’t get enough, click on these websites for more snarky fun:

Tricia ; )