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Tonight Everyone is Italian

“We’re proud of our heritage, it’s what me my enrgey,” said Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the US House of Representatives. “Pat Harrison always asks me when we see each other about once a week, ‘where do you get the energy?’ [I say] being Italian American. Pelosi was the guest of honor along with this year’s honorees at a private dinner at Cafe Milano in Georgetown, DC preceding the Annual Gal weekend now in its 43rd year.


“She previously served as the fifty-second house speaker, the only woman to do so, attaining the highest political office of any female politician in American history, said dinner co-chair Gabriel Battista. “She is the first woman, the first Californian, and the first Italian American to lead a major party. She’s also the mother of five children. She has eight grandchildren and somehow she manages to do it all and look spectacular.”