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Tomatoes In My Summer Kitchen

Tomatoes in August and September are that last kiss of summer.

We all have a happy place. A spot that brings out the best of us and creates memories we carry for the rest of our lives.

It might be a vacation home, a place we love, or even our kitchen transformed by summer breezes and farmers' market bounty. For me, it's a summer house filled with happy memories and haunted by the ghosts of summer past.

When I am in my summer kitchen, memories that seem like yesterday but were decades ago wash over me. I hear children's voices, reminding me of busy summers that seemed like so much work, but I now know were the very best of times.

My summer kitchen is the heart of my island home. It's where suntanned kids ate bowls of fresh berries, played Parcheesi, and did craft projects. It's also the spot my adorable in-laws ate Inn-worthy breakfasts and sipped coffee. It's where I put my heart into creating meals that are gifts of love for my friends and family.

I am almost shocked that it's already the middle of August. The days are getting shorter, the air smells different, and the crickets herald the coming of fall. And, of course, the tomatoes are bountiful.

Kristen Coffield
Photo by Kristen Coffield

One of the best things about seasonal cooking is that when fruits and vegetables are fresh and filled with flavor, it takes minimal effort to turn them into delicious meals. Tomatoes in August and September are that last kiss of summer, reminding us to never take anything for granted and slow down and enjoy life.

Here are some of my favorite tomato recipes to help you make the most of your summer kitchen. Tomato, Corn, and Basil Sauté, No-Cook Summer Tomato Sauce, and Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Each of these recipes can be served at room temperature and made ahead.

Enjoy the last days of summer and share the kitchen love with your friends and family by cooking meals that are the making of summer memories and traditions.

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