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TJ Street Bridge to Reopen; 29th St. Bridge to Close Next Week

The District is in the middle of a multi-year project to completely reconstruct the bridges over the canal on 29th, 30th, and Thomas Jefferson. The project began in August of 2009, when the city shut down the 30th St. bridge. While the original schedule called for each bridge to be out of service for one whole year, the schedule has move a lot fast than that. DDOT wrapped up work on the 30th St. bridge in June of last year, a couple months shy one year.

The next bridge was Thomas Jefferson St., which has been out of service since June. Next week, after barely eight months of complete reconstruction, that bridge will reopen.

Once that bridge reopens, DDOT will move to 29th St. and start the final phase of the operation. By the way things have been going, that bridge may be back in service even before the end of the calender year.

It’s funny, before the Thomas Jefferson St. bridge closed, signs showed up at Baked and Wired raising the alarm about the impending closure and expressing fear for the effects on the store’s business. GM can honestly say that every time he’s walked by B&W during construction, the crowds appeared larger than they did before. Perhaps they’ve simply benefited from the long lines and tourists at Georgetown Cupcake, but either way they’ve appeared to flourish. Let’s hope that continues.