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Tipping the Scales

What happens when you take the Caribbean sun, add a weeklong sailing trip and throw in a

pasty lass of northern European* decent? You get one crispy chic. My trip to Guadeloupe

and Isle des Saints was fabulous. We had gorgeous weather - cloudless skies, bright blue

water and gentle breezes. Just what the doctor ordered. But maybe not the dermatologist.

I often mention how much care I take with my skin. I wear sunblock everyday and haven’t

spent dedicated time in the sun since I was twenty. The problem? When I do go in the sun,

I fry up faster than bacon in a skillet. So although I do have a healthy glow about me, I’m

also starting to peel. Unhealthy and gross, but not without some humor. In light of my flaky,

peeling appearance, I figured I would feature all things scaly and reptilian this week. I love

texture - I just prefer to see it on stilettos and handbags and not so much on my face.

- Handbags -

handbags 2

left: vintage (top), Temperley London (bottom)

middle: Alexander McQueen (top), Bottega Veneta (bottom)

right: Amber & Babzoe (top), Lanvin (bottom)

- Footwear -

shoes 3

clockwise from top left: Dior, Roberto Cavalli,

Elizabeth & James and Fendi

- Fashion -


left to right: Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Zara

- Furnishings -

furnishings 4

top left & bottom right: Huntley & Co. custom collection

bottom left: David Iatesta

top right & bottom middle: R&Y Augousti

guad group 2

Wishing you (and your skin!) a safe and festive season of sun.


* Norwegian, German, English & Irish ; )