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'A Time to Build'

“Welcome to a book event in the age of Corona. We kinda joked we were going to put a sign out front that said no French kissing, social distance appreciated,” said Juleanna Glover who hosted a book party at her home in Washington, DC with Christopher Reiter and co-hosted by Jon Ward in honor of author Yuval Levine for: A Time to Build.


Book synopsis: “A leading conservative intellectual argues that to renew America we must recommit to our institutions. Americans are living through a social crisis. Our politics is polarized and bitterly divided. Culture wars rage on campus, in the media, social media, and other arenas of our common life. And for too many Americans, alienation can descend into despair, weakening families and communities and even driving an explosion of opioid abuse. Left and right alike have responded with populist anger at our institutions, and use only metaphors of destruction to describe the path forward: cleaning house, draining swamps. But, as Yuval Levin argues, this is a misguided prescription, rooted in a defective diagnosis. The social crisis we confront is defined not by an oppressive presence but by a debilitating absence of the forces that unite us and militate against alienation. As Levin argues, now is not a time to tear down, but rather to build and rebuild by committing ourselves to the institutions around us. From the military to churches, from families to schools, these institutions provide the forms and structures we need to be free. By taking concrete steps to help them be more trustworthy, we can renew the ties that bind Americans to one another.” Hatchette Books