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Three Super Strategies for Staying Healthy 

If Covid taught us anything, it's how to wash our hands while singing Happy Birthday.

Hand washing is always at the top of the list of things you can do to stay healthy and avoid catching cooties, a cold, or the flu. But if you want to put the wellness odds in your favor, here are a few of my favorite tips for avoiding the spread of germs and boosting your immune response.

1. Living a healthy lifestyle is vital for avoiding sickness and strengthening the immune response. A healthy body can fight off infections and heal from injury and illness. Nutrition plays a key role, with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients supporting the body's natural defenses. Exercise, stress management, sleep, and food are essential for boosting immunity and avoiding disease.

2. Now that we are out and about and back in offices, it's important to remember that high-touch surfaces can be germy. We all do our best to avoid the doors of public toilets, but there are other high-touch areas at home and work we should remember to clean. Door handles, light switches, keyboards, and remote controls are places where germs can accumulate quickly. A little soap and water are sufficient to disinfect most surfaces and minimize the spread of illness.

3. Pet hygiene is a sneaky source of potential germs. Pet lovers need to remember to wash their hands after touching their pets. I love animals and have seen my grand dog Thor romping with his friends at the dog park. Butt sniffing, licking, rolling in yuck, and worse. It's important to remember that fur can be a source of spreading germs. Wipe your pet off after play dates, keep pets off of counters, and wash your hands after spending time playing with and cuddling pets are good practices for avoiding germs and bacteria.

Our immune system is an internal network of organs, cells, tissues, and metabolic processes that work together to keep us healthy. It is the frontline of defense, protecting us from harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and infections.

When our immune system is compromised, the floodgates open, and we become susceptible to every germ and virus.

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