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Three Day Rule

Dating in DC is difficult – just ask around. Forget waiting for the “You’ve Got Mail” fairytale days of the past. Forget the catch all solutions to finding a partner……there are just too many options for how to meet people and none of them are quite making the cut……..not even a date for the weekend, let alone marriage material. Enter the Three Day Rule.

“People have dating ADD or dating overload,” says Talia Goldstein, founder of the Three Day Rule, a matchmaking website that tries to counter the white noise of the bar scene or the instability of dating apps and provide a deliberate, hands-on approach to putting people together with their match.

Goldstein, a former television producer, says that it started out as an instinct. She would set up colleagues and before long, people were requesting her help and she knew this was her calling. The website just launched its DC footprint along with services in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago and hopes to attract folks who have been ‘too busy’ or ‘too distracted’ to find ‘the one.’