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Those pesky numbers!

They say numbers don't lie, and I suppose if numbers could speak for themselves that might be the case. The problem though begins to arise when we subjective humans begin talking about the numbers.That's why I'd like to be clear as to the intended meaning of the statistices I generate weekly with respect to the Georgetown real estate market. The source of the statistics is the MRIS (Multiple Regional Information System). This is a "Multiple Listing System" used by Realtors to keep track of active and sold properties. The definition of Georgetown in my stats is the area designated by MRIS as the "Advertised Subdivision" of Georgetown. All of Georgetown falls within the borders of zip code 20007, but this zip code also encompasses other advertised subdivisions, e.g. Glover Park.

I choose this narrow snapshot in order to give the best possible picture of our immediate, local listings and sales. If one compares these reports from one week to the next, one can begin to see some trends in numbers of sales, prices, etc.

I have chosen to provide the numbers without comment most of the time. Hopefully the raw data is useful for those who like drawing their own conclusions.