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Think Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am saluting one of my favorite colors - pink. This lovely hue often gets a bad rap. People think it’s a saccharine shade that should be reserved for little girls’ bedrooms and bubble gum. But pink can be as versatile and sophisticated as any color in the spectrum. I’ve used it in dining rooms, bathrooms and living rooms. And it’s always warm, sexy, feminine and inviting. Now before all you modernists and men poo-poo this idea, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Whenever I use pink in a room, the crew on site (plumbers, electricians, millworkers, etc.) always love it. I”m talking about macho, physical, hardworking guys. But believe it or not, if you envelop them in pink, they suddenly feel calm, comforted and completely at home. I’m not kidding. It happens without fail. Maybe pink isn’t just for girls after all?trois roseA pink gown – in the right color, the right cut and with the right complexion – can be an absolute stunner.L to R: Diane Kruger in Christian Lacroix, Naomi Watts in Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman in Rodarte.gwen My girl Gwen rocked a custom John Galliano pink and white ombre silk faille dress on her wedding day.IMG_3123I keep these heart-shaped “Make Out Mints” at the ready in case of an intimate chat or ring A rose quartz cabochon ring by Arunashi Jewelry. Pink, polished and modern.etsy pinkLeigh Viner’s work is utterly feminine but with a sexy edge. Find this freelance artist and photographer’s collection of prints and original works through JKL Design on Etsy.miles redd LRMiles Redd is never one to shy away from color and his New York living room is no exception. A lipstick red sofa against bubblegum pink walls. Yes, I actually love this combo. Granted, I would probably tweak the saturation and tone of each of these hues (case in point – the Huntley & Co. dining and living rooms below), but I do think Mr. Redd is on to artwork - miles reddAnother “Redd” room – these pink walls have a base that’s more salmon, less blue. This shade of pink is a beautiful foil for the graphic black and white of the chair and artwork. brothel I recently purchased this Modern Alchemy candle from And Beige in Adams Morgan. I can’t get enough of the scent and am equally amused by the company’s description ... “When unbridled lust is confined within a single sexually charged location, the perfume is unmistakable. This torrid fragrance is of sultry orris root, musk, ancient civet, peru balsam and rarest plai.”saipua_may6I always go to Saipua – a floral designer in Brooklyn – for color inspiration. Their arrangements are so lush and gorgeous with an effortlessness about them. This is how you arrange pink parisatelier A painting by the 19th century portrait artist Giovanni Boldini. Portraits as beautiful and seductive as this one of Marthe deFlorian are, unfortunately, remnants of the past.GR comboThe painting above reminds me of this study I designed for a client. She requested a pink and blue color scheme for the space and I was notably doubtful at first. I’m not really a pastel kind of girl (unless it's contrasted with something dark or edgy), so this was new territory for me. But it turned out beautifully. The soft colors were the key to creating a peaceful work environment for a busy woman.DR_detail1A year or so later, the same client wanted her dining room reinvented. Again she was drawn to pink. This time I didn’t hesitate. Soft rose-colored walls and coral/brick red mouldings and trim throughout. It’s anunusual color scheme that has a magical glow during candlelit dinner parties. I love trying new things and clients who takes risks.Jones LRIndeed, 2009 was the year of pink for Huntley & Co. Probably because we were fortunate enough to haveindependent, savvy female clients who wanted to bring fashion and glamour into their homes [and lives]. This metallic, faux bois wallcovering is one of my all-time favorites. It comes in several incredible colors including this blush one. I had it cut into squares and hung in contrasting directions to highlight the pattern and luminosity of the paper.IMG_3121 - Copy I carried this pink tote around all summer and was sad to retire it for the ruffled heels Tumblr - CopyTo all the women, including my late Grammy P, who have waged the war against breast cancer with courage and dignity. We honor you this October and all year long. Tricia xo