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Thank you NASA!

We’d like to thank the scientists at NASA for their assistance in tracking hurricane Harvey: “As Hurricane Harvey continued to strengthen, NASA analyzed the storm’s rainfall, cloud heights and cloud top temperatures. NASA’s GPM and Aqua satellite provided information while an animation of GOES-East satellite imagery showed Harvey’s progression toward the Texas coast.”

While the administration battles over the importance of science, we took a look back at a few leading NASA scientists ... fascinating!

This article was first published in April of 2015:

Hollywood on the Potomac was relieved to know that scientists Dr. Jeff Hester, NASA Scientist and Chief Engineer for Creating the Camera Hubble Telescope and Dr. Edward Weiler, NASA Chief Scientist for Hubble Telescope 1979-1998, did not spend their childhoods dissecting ants and frogs in their basements: Au contraire.

“For me personally, among my very earliest memories, it was watching them bolt astronauts into the Mercury capsules so I grew up fascinated with such things,” Dr. Hester told us. “I was always fascinated with flight and as a kid I had microscopes so I was engaged in that kind of stuff. I was probably ten years old and a friend of mine had bought a dime store telescope and had it set up in the back yard so I went over. He had it pointed at Saturn and it was so real, you could see the rings and it just floored me. Still to this day I can close my eyes and see Saturn sitting there in that little tiny telescope.”