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Swing States

Are all states created equal? Not really. Ohio is the big one as far as Presidential Elections are concerned – as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. Last October at a dinner at Cafe Milano, we asked Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro how things looked for Governor John Kasich who was running for President at the time. Despite being a Democrat, Cafaro had only good things to say. Here is what she told Hollywood on the Potomac.

“I’ve worked very closely with Governor Kasich on a number of issues including revamping the Economic Development Department, creating some changes in regard to how we finance our infrastructure programs, as well as Medicaid expansion. I do believe that he is honest and balanced. As a Democrat I don’t necessarily agree with everything that he has to say, but I certainly respect the fact that he is a straight shooter. He speaks his mind. He’s willing to compromise. A recent poll just came out just a few days ago indicating that this is the highest approval rating that he has had in his entire tenure, over 60-some percent currently as the sitting Governor.”