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Swan Song

My vacation officially started Wednesday at 9:30AM. Hallelujah! I’ve heard

You need a vacation” a little too often lately, so clearly it’s time to get the

hell out of Dodge. Luckily, my partner-in-crime has a good friend with a Swan

51 sailboat currently docked in Guadeloupe that’s just waiting for some guests.

Drift around, sip cocktails, eat good food and explore the island. BRING IT ON!

So in the spirit of checking out physically, mentally and socially – all you’re going

to get from me today is a hello and goodbye … and, of course, a couple of teasers.



ClubSwan Carribean Rendezvous 2008 (c) Nautor's Swan 08

Swan yachts gather in the Caribbean.


 Me in T-minus 24 hours.

See ya!

Tricia xo