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Support Public Safety in Georgetown

An important message from the Citizens Association of Georgetown.

Dear Georgetown Residents,

In recent weeks, Georgetown has faced several high-profile crimes that have highlighted the need for our continued vigilance in crime prevention. The Citizens Association of Georgetown takes these incidents extremely seriously and is leveraging the full breadth of its resources to mitigate the potential for further events.

Today, CAG Public Safety is launching a petition to having our community’s voice heard regarding the current crime problem. We encourage you to sign this petition and share it with anyone who may be concerned about crime in the District. We believe this petition will go a long way in effecting action from local government leaders.

In response to the recent incidents, CAG Public Safety has launched new efforts to include:

Public testimony & letters to DC Council to advocate for increased police presence and safety measures

Incident-focused discussions with Councilmember Pinto and the Mayor’s Office

Launch petition in support of Secure DC Omnibus Bill, which is expected to be voted on by the D.C. Council by January 23rd.

Active collaboration with key stakeholders, including the ANC, MPD, BID, DC City Council, Georgetown University, and community leaders to combat crime through coordinated safety measures

Concurrently, CAG Public Safety is taking significant steps to bolster our block captain program. Ensuring that every block has a dedicated captain is crucial in preparing for emergencies and fortifying the resilience of our neighborhood. The increased presence of block captains will enable a quicker and more coordinated response case of emergencies, fostering a sense of unity and security among residents. Block captains will serve as valuable points of contact, facilitating communication and assistance during critical situations.

We are also researching improved alert systems to ensure our ability to disseminate timely and accurate information to the neighborhood in case of emergencies. We understand the importance of keeping residents informed and engaged, and we are committed to utilizing modern communication channels to achieve this goal.

We encourage every resident to be vigilant and engaged in our shared commitment to a safer community. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or initiatives that you believe could contribute to our crime prevention efforts, please reach out to Mark Martinkov or Kate Hasty at and

Your perspective is crucial, and together, we can make a significant impact on the safety and security of Georgetown.

Thank you for your participation!

Click here to sign the petition.

Kate Hasty

Mark Martinkov

Co-Chairs, Public Safety Committee