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We intend to recommend Substack to Miriam Webster’s dictionary as their Word of the Year for 2024. They haven’t even offered a definition yet, so despite the absence of an official version we aim to provide one here and hope it will suffice until Webster gets its act together.

Substack is a revolutionary platform empowering writers to craft and disseminate their own newsletters. It offers an array of tools to monetize their creative endeavors and establish direct connections with their audiences creating a space that amplifies independent voices and diverse perspectives attracting writers covering everything from journalism, gossip and politics to niche interests and personal essays. A notable benefit of Substack is the freedom it provides: You’re not obligated to have an editor, allowing you to express yourself without constraints, but we suggest you don’t throw caution to the wind.  It’s important to emphasize that our appreciation for editors remains unwavering, so all you editors out there, please feel free to edit this page.

Substack Politics & Catherine Valentine hosted a launch party for “Cosmopolitics by Elise: An insider’s guide to understanding your world and the people who run it. ” at the Doyle Lounge inside The Dupont Hotel in Washington, DC.

“This week has proven that we need to invest in journalism facts right now which are more important than ever,” said Catherine. It is presumed that she was referring to the tumultuous and unpredictable political landscape within this wildly diverse, divided and dynamic world of presidential campaigns. “I could not be more proud to have her on our platform and to see that she’s killing it and finding her voice right now. It is just better than ever.”

Why Comospolitics? Elise Labott puts it this way: “I write about America’s role in the world and break down complex international stories by taking you inside global policy debates and introducing you to the players involved. This reporting-driven newsletter will cut through the talking points and explain what it really means. Call it an insider’s guide to better understanding your world.”

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