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Stroud Foundation Hoedown Sept. 20

On Saturday night, September 20th, the Stroud Foundation will hold its first annual hoedown to raise funds for children with learning disabilities in the District of Columbia. More than 200 dancers and donors will swing their partners at the Georgetown home of Brooke and Stephane Carnot. Brooke Carnot is the daughter of the late Doctor Franklin Stroud, the pediatrician who championed kids with learning differences in whose honor the foundation was formed.

“I wanted to continue to reach out to offer support to these children with special educational needs,” said Carnot. “This is a way to carry on my father’s lifelong mission of helping children reach their full potential. There are so many wonderful services in DC and the Stroud Foundation seeks to pair children with learning disabilities with those services.”

Dr. Frank Stroud, who died in 2008, helped thousands of learning disabled children succeed in school and beyond and worked to ensure that area schools provided help and understanding to those children. A pioneer in the field of ADHD treatment, he was also one of the first doctors to convince parents of the link between hyperactivity and coloring, flavoring and preservatives in food. For the past four years The Stroud Foundation has made grants to local organizations which nurture children with learning needs such as the Kingsbury Center, where Dr. Stroud served as president, The DC Public Schools Early Stages Program and the Lab School.