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The Story Behind the Hyde-Addison Numbers

A couple weeks ago, the Georgetown Current reported a spike in the size of this year’s kindergarten class at the Hyde-Addison Elementary school here in Georgetown. According to the Current, Hyde’s kindergarten class is 58, up from 40 last year.

To address this influx, the school is hiring a third teacher’s assistant to help out the two kindergarten classes. Nonetheless, as you dig into the numbers a bit, you can see that this is not likely a temporary blip. Interest in Hyde from the neighborhood has been on a sharp upward trajectory for years now and is likely to continue.

This year, though, was a particular surprise. Typically Hyde sees about 6-7 new neighborhood children join the kindergarten class each summer. These children join a larger group of children who join Hyde for Pre-K (which includes both neighborhood children and so-called “out-of-boundary” children from neighborhoods outside of Georgetown). This year rather than 6-7 new neighborhood children entering Hyde, there were 20. Read more