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For Stephen R. Brown, Every Day is Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, 100,000 obituaries and death notices on the front page of The New York Times is more poignant than any image.

But when it comes to capturing the human toll of past wars, there's Stephen R. Brown, the DC-based professional photographer and writer we first profiled in 2011, whose homage to veterans is an ongoing mission.

He documented the construction of the WWII Memorial with over 15,000 images and continues to work with Honor Flight and other veterans' organizations to provide books at low cost to veterans.

His images and articles on photography have appeared in Smithsonian, Life, Newsweek, Time, Fortune, the New York Times, National Geographic Books, Broadcasting & Cable, American Photo, Photo Techniques, etc. His work been exhibited in solo shows here and abroad and in "Indelible Images: 100 Years of War Photography" and "Odyssey: 100 Years of NGS Photography."