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Speed Dating

Forget The Love Boat, or wants YOU: Think jet-set holidays, supercars, track days, Michelin Dining, yachts and high octane experiences to name a few – i.e. a unique dating service that combines millionaire dating with the supercar lifestyle.

Founded by Sangeeth Segaram, a young British entrepreneur, it started out because of his love for Lamborghinis who kept bumping into people with the same taste: “Essentially what happened was, I found that between fifty and sixty percent of supercar owners were very time efficient, but never got around to going out as much as they’d like to, particularly during very busy business times,” Segaram told Hollywood on the Potomac. “What they’ve realized,” he added, “is that they’ve tried many dating sites for millionaires before and found that the people they met had very little in common with them. That’s how the idea started. It was about basically dating someone for who they were instead of just how rich they were.” So along came And yes, they’re regulated by the Online Dating Association. And yes, we checked it out so you don’t have to.