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Spa Leaders Celebrate at Capella

While people may not think of D.C. as the Capital of Spa, and while indeed it probably is not (no matter how I try to argue the case!), Monday night was a great reminder of the spa and wellness forces in our greater area.

We had our Washington Spa Alliance annual in-person board meeting yesterday during the day, followed by a member get-together at my new favorite place, The Capella DC.

Among the attendees of both meetings were represented such wellness entrepreneurs as one of the founders of the International Spa Association; the senior VP of spa operations and retail development of Red Door Spas; the spa manager of Salamander Resort and Spa, which is due to open in Middleburg in August; the president of Relax & Rejuvenate (a company based in Charlottesville that offers in-room treatment programs to hotels that do not have spas, including The Capella DC); a representative from WTS, based in Rockville, a company that manages many of the spas that you have probably been to, and more.

While we might not be the spa capital of the country, there certainly are some exciting developments happening in spa and wellness in this city … today and for the couple of years to come (Trump DC anyone?). It’s a great time to be in the spa and wellness industry in D.C.