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The Social Secretaries

If you’re wondering why I’m going to be seated, I have a new fashion accessory on my foot. I was racing up and down my stairs a couple days ago and I lost the battle with the stairs and the boxes, so here I am. I know it’s embarrassing, but now you know the reason,” said Ann Stock, former Social Secretary to the White House during the Clinton Administration and currently on the Board of Trustees of Meridian House. “This evening we celebrate the Embassy’s Social Secretaries and the Cultural Advocates. Thank you for the important work that you do to build relationships between our customs and culture. As a former White House Social Secretary, I know the challenges that each of you face and the incredible devotion it takes to get your job done.”

After introducing special guests, – White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta and Acting Chief of Protocol Mary-Kate Fisher – Stock explained the role of a Social Secretary.


“We’re here today to honor the work that you do every single day. You are how Washington and the rest of America gets to know your country, your culture, your national character and your people. You’re very important in making that chain. Because of your efforts, your Ambassadors, Diplomats and Dignitaries are able to be more effective as it comes to your countries interests. Culture is a language we all understand. It’s a means of communication that connects us beyond region, creed and political belief. We also know that culture and hospitality are the very backbone of the practice of diplomacy. That’s why we’re here today; to share experiences on how we can best use these tools so we build relationships beyond our countries borders.”